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Screen Time DIY Screen Printing Kit


DIY screen printing kit and step-by-step guide, developed so that anyone can design their own greeting cards, posters, flyers, notebook covers, art prints or anythinging else on paper, Whether or not you've printed before, your imagination is your only limitation. Our reusable template papers and water based inks mean no nasty chemicals or single use screens. Just print, rinse and repeat. All you need is water, tape and some fresh ideas!

What’s in the box:
• Pre-stretched screen with wooden frame
(16 x 22 cm / 6 x 9 in print area)
• Wooden handled squeegee (16 cm / 6 inch)
• Pastel coloured water-based inks (3x tubes, 22ml each)
• Waterproof stencil paper to make your own templates
(10x sheets)
• Plain art paper (10x sheets)
• Step-by-step guide