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It's Hard to Get a Handle on... English Royalty Mug


Introducing our new line of porcelain cups made in the style of a yunomi (traditional Japanese tea cup) and debossed with original portraits!

This drinking vessel depicts all the Kings & Queens from Alfred to Elizabeth II… and one unfortunate Interregnum – more kings and queens than any other cup! We are amused.

Featuring: Alfred the Great, Edward the Elder, Aethelstan, Edmund the Magnificent, Eadred, Eadwig, Edgar the Peaceful, Edward the Martyr, Aethelred the Unready, Sweyn, Edmund Ironside, Canute, Harold I, Hardecanute, Edward the Confessor, Harold II, William the Conqueror, William I, Henry I, Stephen, Henry II, Richard I,  John, Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, Edward III, Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI, Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III, Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, Elizabeth I, James I, Charles I, – Interregnum  Charles II, James II, William III & Mary II, Anne, George I, George II, George III, George IV, William IV, Victoria, Edward VII,m George V, Edward VIII, George VI, Elizabeth II 

Holds 9 oz