#1 Dishwasher Sponge


  • FUN & FUNCTIONAL: Let’s face it, no one is a super fan of cleaning. But when it comes to doing the dishes you’re #1! Fred’s #1 Dishwasher foam finger kitchen sponge is multi-layered with a durable scrubbing pad for ultimate sanitizing action.
  • SUPERIOR CLEAN: #1 Dishwasher has three hard-working layers to get your dishes fresh and clean! The top felt layer features a college royal blue foam finger design, while the bottom scrubby layer is ready to tackle tough messes.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: This sponge has spirit! The multi-layered sponge makes it easy to sanitize all your dishes, flatware, pots, and pans. It's also great for cleaning appliances, the bathroom, kitchen, and more!
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Fred's #1 Dishwasher sponge is strong, absorbant, and safe for cookware. The non-scratch scrub pads cut through messes.
  • GREAT GIFT: Fred's foam finger sponge is packed on a colorful, illustrative backer card, so it makes a charming gift as well as being suitable for everyday use. The clever visual makes it an exciting gift for your #1 sports fan!